Fans Discuss 9 K-Pop Groups, Members, And Songs That Rarely Get Hate

Some much-needed love for the K-Pop community

In the K-Pop world, there is unfortunately a lot of hate for different groups and artists. Whether it’s because of a group’s popularity that makes fans of other groups jealous and upset that their own favorites aren’t doing as well, or just simply people throwing shade at idols and songs for little reason other than boredom, it can be disheartening to see how much negative energy there is in the K-Pop community.

Recently, some fans took to social media to discuss different groups, idols, and songs that they’ve seen receive very little to no hate. While this list is short so far, there’s no doubt that there has to be more out there that have been received universally well!

1. IU

It seems like everyone loves the nations little sister IU. No one hates her for her music or her character, she is just a nice talented person, beloved by everyone. Her comment section on YouTube is always nice to visit and one of the few fan war free places in the internet.

— Reddit user SkillpTm

2. BTS’s Suga

He is lovely. I feel like I don’t see him talked about negatively as much as the others. If you look at the members people complain about the most (usually Maknae line), Suga is rarely mentioned, if at all (as far as i’ve seen).

— Reddit user Omgitsnothing1

3. DAY6

I’ve yet to see the band or their fandom get hate for anything, and I’ve yet to see the fandom send hate towards anyone. MyDays are too busy enjoying good music.

— Reddit user m1sunn


I have yet to see anyone really bring these guys down because everyone thinks of their bright concepts and hardwork.

— Reddit user princehae

5. “Love Scenario” by iKon

It doesn’t matter which fandom you are from, it seemed like everyone loves this song and it’s comment section is one of the most enjoyable on the entirety of YouTube.

— Reddit user SkillpTm

6. Dreamcatcher

I’ve honestly never seen anything negative about Dreamcatcher. Seems like everyone agrees that they’re talented even if they’re not into their genre.

— Reddit user evilishi

7. “Replay” by SHINee

This may be me looking at things with aqua-tinted glasses, but I have not seen a single person say anything bad about SHINee’s Replay. I’m sure there’s someone out there that isn’t a fan, but Replay is generally regarded as a classic and one of the best debut songs of all time. And it’s aged extremely well—I still can’t skip this song ten years later.

— Reddit user kingzarlian

8. “Shine” by PENTAGON

I feel that every year we get those handful of songs that brings everyone together in a happy way. It’s usually what fans would consider song of the year and Shine really brings a smile to a lot of people’s faces.

— Reddit user princehae

9. NCT’s Mark

I’ve personally never seen anyone spew hate against Mark Lee without major backlash against that person. His personality is very easy-going and easy to love and his talent is undeniable, so it’s hard to criticize him on that. His work ethic is impeccable and he is conventionally attractive. This all combines to create a perfectly lovable individual.

— Reddit user Omgitsnothing1