Fans Discuss 9 K-Pop Idols Whose Original Group Position Has Become Inaccurate Over Time

They’ve changed a lot!

When an idol debuts, they’re generally given a position (or multiple positions) that let them showcase their strongest talents they had while in training. Sometimes, however, over time, an idol’s skills might change as their career progresses, and the position they were originally given might not be accurate anymore. Oftentimes a company will support this by giving the idol more roles and lines that lets them showcase this change, and even positions might be changed as well! Here are 9 idols whose skills have changed enough since debut that their original position isn’t entirely accurate anymore.

Note that the position listed by the idol’s name is only the one that is being challenged as inaccurate, and may not include all of their positions in the group!

1. Taemin (SHINee): Main Dancer

While Taemin is definitely still the main dancer of SHINee — and a main dancer in SuperM! — he has become much more of a main vocalist as well over time, especially since he is listed as a co-main vocalist in SuperM.

2. Binnie (OH MY GIRL): Sub-Vocalist

Binnie has been acting more like a main vocalist these days, fans have said, and praise her for her improvement in singing skills over time that is being showcased in OH MY GIRL’s more recent discography.

3. Joy (Red Velvet): Main Rapper

Fans have determined that, over time, Joy has been receiving less rap lines and more vocal lines, with Yeri becoming more of a main rapper instead. Joy just has a great singing voice as well as rapping!

4. Lee Know (Stray Kids): Rapper

While Lee Know is also listed as a sub-vocalist for Stray Kids, some argue that he has been much more of a vocalist than a rapper due to his lovely voice and should be recognized for it.

5. Nayeon (TWICE): Lead Vocalist

Fans argue that Nayeon has become more of a main vocalist than a lead vocalist over time, with her receiving many more lines — especially more difficult lines – as TWICE’s career has gone on.

6. Kai (EXO): Sub-Vocalist

While Kai started out in EXO as more of a rapper than a vocalist, some have noticed that he seems to be filling more singing than rapping roles these days! Of course, he will always keep his position as the main dancer.

7. SuA (Dreamcatcher): Lead Rapper

Some argue that SuA has just as great vocal skills as rapping skills (not to mention dancing skills as well!) and deserves to be known as a main vocalist now as well as just a lead rapper due to her increase in singing lines.

8. San (ATEEZ): Vocalist

While San certainly is a good singer, he has developed such a reputation for his insane dancing skills that fans think he deserves to be added to the dance line.

9. Baekhyun (EXO): Main Vocalist

There’s no doubting Baekhyun is still definitely a main vocalist, but like San, some think that he deserves to be promoted to the dance line as well due to how hard he’s worked to become a better dancer.

Source: Forum