Fans Discuss 11 Favorite K-Pop MVs With Less Than 100k Views

How many have you heard of?

When you’re a fan of a less popular idol or group, it can be really frustrating and discouraging when they don’t get the recognition that you feel like they deserve. Sometimes you don’t even need to be a fan of a less popular music video, and you just happen to stumble upon the music by accident and realize how good it is! Here are 11 different K-Pop songs mentioned in a public forum about music videos with less than 100k views that fans think deserve way more views than they have.

1. “CLASSIC” by SunWoonJungA

“Gotta throw my hat into the ring for SunWooJungA – CLASSIC. It’s a catchy, brassy synthpop song that just feels BIG and has all the trappings of something Taemin would release, down to the low-budget yet stylish music video. Less than 50k views and it definitely deserves more.”

2. “Num Num” by Daydream

“Currently listening to this repeatedly. It’s such an earworm and a great debut song for the group.”

“Was gonna post this too, for a debut song it’s such a banger I hope this group does well”

3. “EMBER” by Lee Byoung Hyeon

“Ember, by Lee Byoung Hyeon. Amazing song and best MV of 2018, if not ever XD”

“Wow this is sooooo goooood. Perfect green screen usage!”

4. “Heaven” by EDEN

“I love this song of EDEN – Heaven (solo artist) he’s so underrated and his vocal is just heaven.”

“this is the guy that is the Father of ATEEZ’s music. Glad to see someone recognises this guy’s talent as a singer himself, too! :)”

5. “Cry” by YEIN

“I really love Cry by Yein which is a smooth and moody electronic mix BUT I cant find any info about her other than that she either works frequently with or is also known as Masterclass. If anyone knows more about her lmk! The mv is only at 39k views.”

6. “Oh Ma Mind” by MIXX

“MIXX deserved so much better!!! Their two songs were both fantastic and I wish that they could’ve continued because their sound is right up my alley. The interesting thing is that live stages have more views than their MV, which currently sits at 21k.”

7. “Treat You Right” by LambC

“This is my go-to feel good song, and the MV is adorable!”

8. “Oppa is Cheating” by WALWARI

“Or pretty much everything by WALWARI. However, their first track, HAKUNAMATATA, just barely got over 100k.”

9. “Foxy” by leeSA

“Definitely Foxy by leeSA. I absolutely love what I’ve been able to find (especially from various drama OSTs [A Korean Odyssey, Signal, etc), but it’s a shame because I don’t think she’s released anything since 2018. Her voice is definitely one that I absolutely love and I believe deserves some more attention!!”

10. “Last Festival” by Chic Angel

“They don’t even appear to an have official upload of this one, which is strange, because the song is great, with a rollicking rap line throughout and an overall upbeat sound, one of my favorite things they’ve done.”

11. “Wake Me Up” by Blue Fox

“Honorable Mention (it just finally broke 100K views a year and a half after release) Blue Fox – Wake Me Up – Just such an awesomely made song with a great groove and really great choreography with an MV filmed with a potato in somebody’s basement.”

Source: Forum