Fans Discuss Idols And Groups Who Haven’t Changed Since Their Debut

They’re still the same as the day they debuted.

As time goes by, people change, and that’s normal. It’s even more normal when they’re exposed to a huge amount of fame. After all, going from an everyday person to someone with worldwide fame would change anyone to some extent. But, according to fans, these are the idols and groups who haven’t changed since day one.

1. EXO’s Chen

The kpop idol that haven’t change at all in my opinion is Exo Chen. For real, the only thing that changed is that he’s a little bit less playful than he used to be but 8 years passed and it’s just normal but I really don’t see fame having any influence on him…

—Maria Groniec, K-Pop fan


Mamamoo to me personally have not let fame go to their head. If anything they’ve used it to raise awareness about important issues. And encourage their fans to educate them on new things.

—Ellen Gebreyes, K-Pop fan


The idols who seem most humble is all i can think is BTOB. They haven’t change at all since their debut until now. Even when they’re already big and successful in korea.They still remain the same , they don’t care about their image at all.

—Natto Riseu

Which idols do you think haven’t changed since their debut?

Source: Quora