Fans Totally Think These Idols Look Like TWICE Members’ Identical Twins

We honestly can’t tell who is who!

We’ve all had that moment of mistaken identity, either in thinking some random stranger is our friend or having some stranger talk to us like we’re their friend.

And TWICE is no different. While the members of TWICE are all considered individual beauties, that doesn’t mean that in a weird twist of fate…other idols look like their identical twins!

Here’s a few examples of the “TWICE Twin” phenomenon:

1) Jeongyeon and Seokjin (BTS)

While we don’t exactly know when it started, both idols have been frequency “paired” together in recent years when it comes to “idol twins”…to the point that there’s even fanart of them “posing” together!

Isn’t their resemblance uncanny?

2) Tzuyu and Kim Minju (IZ*ONE)

Even prior to Kim Minju‘s debut in IZ*ONE, she was getting comparisons for looking eerily like Tzuyu.  In fact, the comparison was so strong that news articles were written up about the two girls’ visual similarities!

It’s like we’re seeing double!

3) Momo and Mutiara Azzahra (JKT48)

Ever since Mutiara Azzahra started training to be a member of JKT48 (Indonesian sister group of AKB48), people have been stunned by Azzahra looking like she’s Momo‘s twin.

I can’t even spot the difference!

4) Dahyun and Ungjae (IMFACT)

While we didn’t see the resemblance at first, taking a closer look made up totally shook by how similar Dahyun and Ungjae look! Heck, they could easily pass as siblings even without sharing the same hair color!

While they’ve yet to publicly meet in person, we’re crossing our fingers for the day we can get a photo op!

5) Nayeon and RM (BTS)

We honestly can’t believe we didn’t see this before, but Nayeon and RM totally look so alike it’s scary. Granted, Nayeon’s signature “bunny smile” preventing things from being totally confusing…but wow. Isn’t that wild?

Fans totally felt the same way and visually showed how much RM looks like Nayeon – even when faceswapped we have a hard time telling the difference!

Who else do you think looks like a TWICE member, ONCEs?