Fans Jealous of Red Velvet’s Relationship With This Man

He’s a lucky, lucky man.

Fans are jealous of the way Red Velvet treats their staff members — with so much love and familiarity. Who wouldn’t want to spend most of their days with Red Velvet members and be their objects of affection?

Here are instances of Red Velvet’s love for their staff that would make any fan green with envy:

1. Red Velvet cooked a birthday breakfast for their manager—you only cook birthday breakfast for those you love

2. And you only tell those you love your weakness:

Irene: Oppa I’m hungry…(notices the cameras and stops)

3. Seulgi giving her manager a piece of chocolate because she’s not about to be selfish

4. The manager is a source of instant joy

5. What you do when you’re bored: check on your friend, in an absurd position, if possible.

6. And who can blame Red Velvet? The man knows how to stack fans’ hats. 

7. When Seulgi left during a cellphone-filmed show, Yeri turned to their manager for company.

Yeri: Oppa, oppa, do you want to be in the show?

8. Only a close friend could resist Irene’s cute attempt at pranks. 

9. And, yes, there are private shows for managers in the waiting room.

Source: Nate Pann