Fans Compared Jeongyeon’s Hair Length To Her Popularity Over Time… The Results May Surprise You

Here is Jeongyeon’s popularity ranking according to her hair length!

Fans have created a graph that determined Jeongyeon’s popularity within TWICE according to her hair length/style and according to the graph, it seems like Jeongyeon tends to be more popular with her shorter hairstyles! Nonetheless, no one can deny that Jeongyeon always looks beautiful, no matter what hairstyle!


1. May 2015 – 5th place (SIXTEEN)

Jeongyeon ranked 5th place within TWICE during the 2nd episode of SIXTEEN. Her hair was on the longer side, being shoulder-length, during this time and was a natural brown color that highlighted her natural beauty.


2. July 2015 – 3rd place (SIXTEEN)

Jeongyeon moved up to 3rd place during episode 10 of SIXTEEN when she had a much shorter haircut dyed an orange-red. With darker makeup than what she wore in episode 2, she looked much more chic and sophisticated!


3. July 2016 – 1st place (Brand Reputation Report)

Jeongyeon was the most popular TWICE member during this time according to the Brand Reputation Report by the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute. She had short, brown hair with bangs that gave her a cute image during this time.


4. July, September, November 2016 – 3rd place (Gallup Korea)

Jeongyeon was ranked third by Gallup Korea in these three months of 2016 when she had a short, blond hair with bangs.


5. May 2017 – 5th place (Brand Reputation Report)

Jeongyeon’s ranking went down a little, according to the Brand Reputation Report, in May 2017. Coincidence or not, her blonde hair was a little longer than before and she had grown out her bangs as well.


6. August 2017 – 6th place (Brand Reputation Report)

Her ranking went further went down a couple months later when she dyed her hair back brown and kept her shoulder-length hair. She did cut her front bangs again and brought out the cuteness within her once again.


7. September 2017 – 7th place (Brand Reputation Report)

Jeongyeon’s ranking continued to slide down as she continued to grow her hair a little longer, this time with added curls and a reddish tone. She looked much more feminine than before during this time due to her longer hair with curls.


8. November 2017 – 1st place (Brand Reputation Report)

Jeongyeon’s popularity within TWICE rose back up to 1st place in November 2017 according to the Brand Reputation Report. Her hair was cut shorter than earlier in the year and was dyed a red-wine color, making her already-tiny face even tinier!


9. December 2017 – 5th place (Brand Reputation Report)

Jeongyeon had an ash blonde bob hairstyle with bangs during this time when she was ranked 5th among TWICE members.


10. January, February, March 2018 – 7th place (Brand Reputation Report)

Jeongyeon grew out her hair as well as her bangs during this time period but still looked stunning as usual.


11.  April 2018 – 5th place (Brand Reputation Report)

Jeongyeon dyed her hair a pink shade in April 2018 and this was also when she appeared dressed as a boy in TWICE’s “What is Love” music video.


12. May 2018 – 8th place (Brand Reputation Report)

Jeongyeon’s latest hairstyle was a bright blue color that made her look like a character from an animation. Her ranking dropped down to 8th place during this time.