Fans Muse Over 13 K-Pop Songs They Would Want Played At Their Funeral

A macabre subject… But kind of entertaining!

At some point in their lives, most people have probably thought about what songs they would want played at their funeral. Some would prefer something serious and fitting for the event, while others would rather have something lively and hopeful, or even funny, to lighten the somber mood. Some K-Pop fans discussed on a forum which song they would want played at their own funeral – and the answers were a mixture of both. Here are 13 of the songs mentioned.

1. “Butterfly” by LOONA

“For me my funeral song would be “Butterfly” by Loona. I got the idea after playing the 2015 video game “Life is Strange”. I don’t particularly “Stan Loona”, but I like the message of the song. It can have many different interpretations, but I think it is about rebirth. I think the “I” is the human soul, and the “you” is the butterfly body- the butterfly body acts as the vehicle of the human soul”

2. “Clap” by SEVENTEEN

“clap by seventeen cause i want to see people go jjak jjak jjak jjak at my funeral”

“Interesting, there’s a tradition of clapping at funerals in Italy.”

3. “Goodnight Like Yesterday” by Lovelyz

“I want “Goodnight Like Yesterday” by Lovelyz. Such an amazing song and so deep and meaningful to me.”

4. “Atlantis Princess” by BoA

“The song will simply give my spirit the extra push it needs to soar higher.”

5. “Zimzalabim” by Red Velvet

“Zimzalabim as part of a ritual to resurrect me as a powerful lich sorceror, to take revenge on all the people who failed to pay the proper respect to Red Velvet.”

“The part in Psycho where it goes “You’ve got me feeling like a Psycho Psycho” followed by Zimzalabim.”

6. “Eung Eung” by Apink

“Apink’s 응응 eung eung for sure. No better way to go down than to eung eung to everything in life (or death, for that matter)”

7. “My Flower” by Ladies Code

“My Flower by Ladies Code. It’s so beautiful and I feel like it perfect encapsulates that loneliness of someone leaving you.”

8. “Downpour” by I.O.I.

“Downpour by IOI definitely. Just so people can think that that period is just a bit of rain and that the sun will shine after it…”

9. “Replay” by SHINee

“Shinee’s Replay. It is one of the best debuts ever and listen to it everyday”

“I was thinking Replay by SHINEE, as it has a nostalgic feel from the mid-2000’s.”

10. “Bang Bang Bang” by BIGBANG

“For my funeral procession, it has to be “Bang Bang Bang”!! Go out with a bang!!”

11. “Back” by INFINITE

“Infinite – Back. I want that playing on loop in the hearse I’m in as it races towards my final resting place. Forget slow and traffic-inducing processions! I’d want the Stig to drive me to my grave!”

12. “You & I” by Park Bom

“‘You & I’ by Park Bom for sure! She’d make sure everyone ends up in floods of tears.”

13. “What is Love” by EXO

“EXO’s What Is Love… I came into the kpop world via that song, and it’s the only way that I’d go out.”

Source: Forum and Forum