ReVeluvs Name April Fool’s Day “Irene Day” After 50+ Fansites Of Other Groups Post Her Photos In Just 1 Hour

This may be the prettiest April Fool’s prank of all.

One of the most fun things about April Fool’s Day on the K-Pop side of Twitter is when fansites post photos of completely different groups to the one they follow. While idols from all groups pop up in this April Fool’s tradition, ReVeluvs have noticed that Irene’s photos are shared a lot.

In fact, Irene’s photos appear frequently that fans have nicknamed April 1 “Irene Day”.

Within an hour of April Fool’s Day arriving in Korea, over 50 fansites of groups like BTS, MONSTA X, and GFRIEND had posted photos of Red Velvet’s leader—take a look at 25 of them below!

1. From a Jimin (BTS) fansite

2. From a Taehyung (BTS) fansite

3. From a Taeyong (NCT) fansite

4. From a Doyoung (NCT) fansite

5. From a Park Jihoon fansite

6. From a Hyungwon (MONSTA X) fansite

7. From a Jeongmo (CRAVITY) fansite

8. From a Joshua (SEVENTEEN) fansite

9. From a Kino (Pentagon) fansite

10. From a Yoonhye (Fanatics) fansite

11. From a BTS fansite

12. From a Minjae (MCND) fansite

13. From a Winwin (WAYV) fansite

14. From a Seoho (ONEUS) fansite

15. From a Heejin (LOONA) fansite

16. From a Jaemin (NCT) fansite

17. From a Hyungwon (MONSTA X) fansite

18. From a Sungjae (BtoB) fansite

19. From a Taemin (SHINee) fansite

20. From a JB (GOT7) fansite

21. From a New (The Boyz) fansite

22. From an Oh My Girl fansite

23. From a GFRIEND fansite

24. From a Kim Wooseok fansite

25. From a Donghyun (AB6IX) fansite

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