Fans Re-Imagine These 10+ Korean Actresses As Greek Gods And Goddesses — And The Matches Are Spot On

So…? When is the movie dropping???

Is it their impeccable beauties? Or is it their previous K-Movie and K-Drama roles that give them the “vibe”? Whatever it is, fans matched these 10+ Korean actresses to their Greek god/goddess counterparts… and the internet is now screaming for a movie with the line-up. Would you watch this mythical blockbuster?

1. Lee Young Ae as Gaia

Actress Lee Young Ae, who is also a loving and nurturing mother of two children, has been deemed the perfect fit for the Greek goddess of Gaia, the personification of Earth.

2. Kim Hye Soo as Zeus

Actress Kim Hye Soo, often praised by her hoobae actresses to be their role model for her most charismatic presence in the industry, is perhaps most obviously the Greek god Zeus — the king of all gods.

3. Lee Ha Nee as Hera

Actress Lee Ha Nee (also known as Lee Honey) is undeniably irresistible — with her gorgeous face and physique. As “Miss Korea”, Lee Ha Nee has frequently been dubbed the “ideal type” for many. Sounds like Hera, the Greek goddess of marriage!

4. Park Shin Hye as Hestia

Actress Park Shin Hye surely charmed K-Drama lovers with her breathtaking visual as Emma in Memories of the Alhambra. Emma, as a character, symbolized peace. Likewise, Park Shin Hye’s counterpart of Hestia, the Greek goddess of the hearth, is also a representation of tranquility!

5. Han Ji Min as Demeter

Actress Han Ji Min, known and highly praised for her charitable nature and selfless ways of giving back to the community, is perhaps the best and inevitable fit for Demeter the Greek goddess of harvest.

6. Ha Ji Won as Athena

Actress Ha Ji Won is, by far, one of the most beloved “Action Queens” in the industry. Her unique filmography, filled with both hard action and rom-coms, prove her versatility. Her unrivaled ferocity on set resembles that of Athena’s, the Greek goddess of war and wisdom.

7. Han Ye Seul as Aphrodite

Actress Han Ye Seul is gloriously beautiful — and she knows it. She is confident, as her previous YouTube videos and interviews prove, and that shining confidence easily attracts everyone. She is the Greek goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite herself.

8. Jun Ji Hyun as Artemis

Actress Jun Ji Hyun is almost always mentioned when K-Movie and K-Drama fans discuss the industry’s best actresses who “come with an irreplaceable aura“. With her mysteriously chic and enchanting aura, Jun Ji Hyun is the perfect fit for Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon.

9. Kim Seo Hyung as Hades

Actress Kim Seo Hyung’s most chilling, terrifyingly eerie portrayal of dark and twisted roles in her previous K-Dramas like Sky Castle and Nobody Knows has made it clear: She is Hades, the Greek god of the underworld.

10. Kim So Hyun as Persephone

Actress Kim So Hyun’s smile is often thought to be warm, bright, and energetic. With her ability to light up a room simply with her presence, Kim So Hyun is most definitely the Greek goddess of spring growth — Persephone.

11. Lee Joo Young as Eros

Actress Lee Joo Young, whose portrayal of the transgender chef in Itaewon Class had K-Drama fans all whipped, is indeed an unrivaled visual in the industry. Her mesmerizing “genderlessness” has deemed her fit to be Eros, the Greek god of love.

12. Seohyun as Psyche

Finally, idol-and-actress Seohyun of Girls’ Generation is Psyche, the Greek goddess of the soul. It only makes sense, considering that her Girls’ Generation teammates and fans have forever known and loved her for being the most righteous and stable soul in the group!

Source: THEQOO