Fans Reveal They Receive More Phone Notifications From BTS Than Anyone Else In Their Life

ARMYs are BTS’s number one priority.

After BTS‘s promotions for their newest album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, a worldwide pandemic spread all over the world, giving BTS no choice but to postpone their world tour. BTS continued to find ways to stay connected with fans and bring positive influence during these hard times. Although this time could be used for the group to take a rest from their busy schedules, they continued to interact and share their life in quarantine as well as the process of working on a new album. With the pandemic becoming more serious and social distancing becoming the norm, BTS took to social media to find ways to keep fans entertained and motivated.

Fans on online community boards joked that BTS was so busy interacting with fans that there wasn’t a day that went by without receiving a notification from them on their phone. Let’s take a look at how busy the members have been online!

March 26

Jin and V visit Weverse.

Jimin holds a live session.

March 28

V on Weverse.

March 29

Jin, V, and RM on Weverse.

Suga posts on Twitter.

RM on Twitter.

Suga posts that he wants to do a concert.

March 30

RM and Jin come on Weverse.

Jimin holds a fun live stream.

J-Hope posts selfies for fans.

March 31

RM and Jin

V posts videos of his puppy through Twitter.

April 1

V and Jin on Weverse.

Jin posts a cute selfie.

April 2

V is on a roll on Weverse.

Suga keeps the selfies coming.

J-Hope tries the #6secondchallenge on TikTok.

April 4

Jin and V on Weverse.

And yet another Jin selfie.

April 5

RM and V interact with fans.

V dances along to a song on TV.

April 6

V comes on Weverse and fans also finally get a glimpse of Jungkook.

Suga posts a recording of the guide version of “Seesaw.”

April 8

RM hopes ARMYs will stay strong through these hard times.

Jin does a ‘Eat Jin’ on live stream.

Suga slowly becomes a ‘selfie king’.

April 9

V stops by Weverse.

April 10

J-Hope has a fun time on Weverse.

April 11

Suga comes on Weverse.

April 12

V posts a photo of Yeontan.

April 13

V takes over Weverse.

RM talks about the influence of plants.

April 14

RM shows off his cooking skills.

Jimin and RM try to make the famous Dalgona coffee.

V reveals he is getting a perm.

April 15

V takes over Weverse again.

Suga asks if everyone has voted.

April 16

Jungkook recommends a song to ARMYs.

April 17

V on Jungkook on Weverse.

RM starts a Youtube live stream.

V posts a video of him exercising.

April 18

V posts a fun video on Twitter.

April 19

V visits Weverse.

J-Hope posts a video.

April 20

V continues to interact with fans.

Jimin shares a photo of a cute puppy.

Jin shows off his worldwide handsome visuals.

April 21

RM, V, and Jin on Weverse.

April 22

J-Hope wishes they could do a concert.

April 23

J-Hope visits Weverse.

J-Hope and RM decorate ARMY bombs.

Jungkook shares a video of him boxing.

Suga asks for fans to leave questions that he will answer in a live stream.

J-Hope and RM leave a photo of their finished ARMY bombs.

V holds another radio session through a live stream.

April 24

V continues his streak on Weverse.

Suga holds a YouTube live of him painting.

April 25

V posts on Weverse.

Suga holds a radio session.

April 26

Jin, J-Hope, and V on Weverse.

April 27

Jimin and J-Hope share photos.

Jin, Jimin, and Suga have a fun dancing session.

April 28

J-Hope interacts with fans on Weverse.

J-Hope holds a live stream of him dancing in the studio.

Suga posts a selfie on Twitter.

V shares a video of him singing with his friend.

April 29

V on Weverse.

April 30

Jin on Weverse.

Suga posts a photo of him strawberry picking.

May 2

Jimin holds a live stream talking about his position as project manager.

RM posts about how he misses everyone on Weverse.

Suga holds another radio session with special guest RM.

Suga and RM post a photo on Twitter.

May 3

Suga and Jin on Weverse.

Jungkook posts a clip of him singing a cover of “Never Not” by Lauv.

May 4

V wildin’ on Weverse.

J-Hope shares a photo from when he dyed his hair.

May 5

V and Jungkook hold a live stream of them doing arts and crafts.

They also share a photo of their final product.

May 6

Suga holds another painting session.

RM shares photos of flowers.

Suga announces the release of his song with IU.

Jimin shares a photo of him and a cute dog.

May 7

V holds a live session.

RM, V, and J-Hope live stream their first album meeting.

Jungkook shares another boxing video.

Jin and V on Weverse.

May 8

Suga posts his third painting session.

Jimin hopes fans are spending time with their precious families.

Jimin hopes everyone is wearing their masks even though it may be uncomfortable.

These are all the notifications fans received within the last month and a half from BTS! They may be resting from promotions but they are not resting when it comes to interacting with their fans!