Fans Think These 10 K-Pop Artists’ Debut Songs Are Their Best

But it’s all a matter of opinion!

Someone’s favorite music is a matter of personal taste. What’s “good” or “bad” is entirely subjective, and people can hopefully understand when someone likes a song that they don’t, or vice versa! Some fans recently brought up a discussion talking about K-Pop groups whose best songs were their debut songs, which is understandably a very opinionated and subjective topic. However, there were some groups that several people agreed on! Here are those 10 groups and their incredible debut songs.

1. NCT U: “The 7th Sense”

Many fans have said that “The 7th Sense” was a song ahead of its time, with such a unique sound that could easily succeed in this day and age too.

2. IZ*ONE: “La Vie en Rose”

This song, according to listeners, has the most unique sound structure of IZ*ONE’s discography, specifically how it goes from a hard-hitting pre-chorus to a softer chorus.

3. SEVENTEEN: “Adore U”

A lot of fans admire SEVENTEEN for being able to make such a good debut song on a low budget, with an adorable point dance and simple but effective sound and lyrics.

4. TWICE: “Like OOH AHH”

“Like OOH AHH” is said by some to have really started paving the way for the rest of TWICE’s successful discography, with solid hooks and a cutesy but fresh sound that aged well to this day.

5. Wanna One: “Energetic”

“Energetic” had a such, well, energetic and hyped-up sound that some fans think their others just don’t quite compare, although the rest of their discography is great!

6. WINNER: “Empty”

Listeners are still taken aback by how mature this song sounded for a rookie group, with a very classy sound that WINNER hasn’t quite reached again.

7. miss A: “Bad Girl Good Girl”

This song is still iconic, so it’s no wonder that fans still consider it their best! It’s one of the ones that they’re most well-known for as a whole, though they had a lot of great music afterwards too.

8. EVERGLOW: “Bon Bon Chocolate”

This song was a huge hit, and quite unique in style, and some fans think that their subsequent songs have been more generic with a girl crush theme – but they’re still good as well!

9. SHINee: “Replay”

Highly controversial, given all of SHINee’s incredible discography, but some fans still think that their iconic and ageless debut is still their best!

10. BLACKPINK: “Whistle”

Another very controversial choice! However, fans praise how unusual and unique the style of this song is, especially for a debut. Some say that this was the song that really made BLACKPINK stand out among other girl groups to them.

Source: Forum