Fans Vote On Top 20 K-Pop Albums from 2005-2009

Time for a throwback!

Sometimes it’s fun to look back in the history of K-Pop and remind ourselves about older artists who helped pave the way for newer artists to thrive. Fans recently created a poll for people to suggest and vote on which albums they thought were best from 2005-2009, and the results are in. Here are the top 20 K-Pop albums, as voted by fans, between 2005-2009!

20. Clazziquai: Color Your Soul

19. G-Dragon: Heartbreaker

18. SHINee: Romeo

17. Younha: Someday

16. IU: Growing Up

15. Girls’ Generation: Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

14. BoA: Girls On Top

13. DAVICHI: Amaranth

12. Super Junior: Sorry Sorry

11. Wonder Girls: The Wonder Years

10. SHINee: 2009, Year of Us

9. Epik High: Remapping the Human Soul

8. 4MINUTE: For Muzik

7. SHINee: The SHINee World

6. 2NE1: 2NE1

5. TVXQ!: Mirotic

4. KARA: Revolution

3. Girls’ Generation: Girls’ Generation

2. Brown Eyed Girls: Sound-G

1. T-ARA: The Absolute First Album