Fashion Editors Name 8 Fashion Trends BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is Setting This Season

As expected of fashion icon Jennie.

They don’t call BLACKPINK’s Jennie the “Jensetter” for nothing. Here are 8 styles this trendsetter is making popular in spring/summer 2020 according to Korean fashion editors. 

1. Shirkets

Wondering what on earth a “shirket” is? This outerwear item combines the thickness of a jacket with the design of a shirt. Shirkets are perfect for spring weather, and according to Money Today fashion editors, Jennie is one of the idols making them popular.

Jennie wore this camel shirket with matching pants for a casual, overall-style look.

2. Pastel water-dye

From peach to lavender to sky blue, pastel colors will be big in fashion this spring/summer season. Style Ade reports that Jennie is one of the idols who showed off a comfortable pastel look.

Jennie combined all the shades of the pastel rainbow with this water-dye cardigan. According to The Celuv, Red Velvet’s Seulgi is also pioneering the pastel water-dye look.

3. Lingerie look

Underwear is no longer just meant to be worn under your clothes. Money Today reports that the lingerie look will be big in fashion this season, thanks to idols like Jennie.

Jennie showed off an athleisure lingerie look when she wore a sports bra under her denim one-piece dress during a shoot for Calvin Klein. Denim one-pieces are also growing in popularity.

4. Brooches

Fashion site Editor D has talked about how jackets will be worn in many unique ways this spring and summer. One such style is wearing jackets with brooches, something G-Dragon and Jennie have been doing recently.

No longer are brooches for older women. Jennie wore an antique brooch over the breast pocket of this black blazer jacket.

5. Cropped cardigans

Style M, Money Today, and many more agree that cropped cardigans are one of the major trends right now, and it’s all thanks to girl group idols.

Jennie joins groupmate Jisoo, Seulgi, TWICE’s Nayeon and more in promoting the style.

6. Tweed

Who better to set the tweed trend for 2020 than “Human Chanel” Jennie? Tweed has been a staple of Chanel’s lines for decades, and it’s recently surfaced as a spring/summer must-have.

Jennie wore a white tweed jacket with denim accents from Sandro Paris at the airport. Unpa reports this type of jacket is growing in popularity thanks to Jennie and Suzy.

She’s also known for wearing Chanel tweed suits like this one.

7. Pendant necklaces

There are a couple of necklace styles making the rounds right now for fashion fans who love to accessorize. The specific trend Jennie is popularizing is the pendant necklace, according to FASHIONADE. Jennie has proven how a pendant necklace can go with any style, from casual to feminine.

In this case, the bigger or more noticeable the pendant is, the better.

8. Floral dresses

Last but not least, there’s floral dresses. Flowers are always appropriate for spring, but FASHIONADE says floral prints will be even bigger this season.

This is one of the most popular looks right now, favored by Red Velvet’s Joy and Seulgi, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and Sooyoung, Hyuna, and more.