7 Female Acts Who Are “Complete Idols” On The 2023 Charts, Named By Circle Chart Director

#6 only recently joined the rest!

In the ever-evolving K-Pop industry, various girl groups have emerged as powerhouses, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. Among these groups, some have achieved remarkable success in both high streaming numbers and album sales, earning them the title of “complete idols.”

Circle Chart Director Steve Choi named seven female acts he deems as being in that position during a recent chart analysis video posted on YouTube.

NewJeans | ADOR


NMIXX has quickly made its mark in the K-pop scene, showcasing consistently strong album sales from their early days. With their impressive album sales of approximately 400,000 copies, NMIXX has firmly established itself as one of the top female idol groups. Steve Choi recognizes their potential for further growth and acknowledges their entry into the coveted “complete idol” sector.

2. NewJeans

While NewJeans may fall slightly short in album sales, they make up for it with their remarkable streaming numbers. This group has garnered a considerable number of unique listener counts, showcasing their popularity among music enthusiasts. Choi emphasizes that NewJeans’ position in the charts is reflective of their impressive feat, and their unique musical style sets them apart from their competitors.

3. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Jisoo proved her solo prowess by topping the music charts with her signature choreography and addictive single. As expected from a member of BLACKPINK, Jisoo’s album sales soared, showcasing her individual popularity. Positioned highly in the charts, Jisoo’s solo endeavor received immense love and support from the public, further solidifying her status as a “complete idol.”

4. (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE has consistently dominated the Korean music charts, showcasing their strong presence in the industry. Their latest release garnered a significant number of unique listener counts, placing them in a favorable position alongside NewJeans. The group’s success in both streaming numbers and album sales cements their position as one of the leading “complete idols.”


Despite initial evaluations placing them slightly behind top girl groups, LE SSERAFIM has defied expectations in 2023. They have not only performed exceptionally well in digital music charts but also witnessed a substantial increase in album sales, indicating the expansion of their dedicated fanbase. Choi highlights LE SSERAFIM’s strong fandom and their ability to appeal to the public, showcasing their qualities as highly sought-after performers.

6. aespa

aespa underwent a transformation from a fandom-focused group to a “complete idol” with their recent success. While SM Entertainment artists traditionally excel in album sales, aespa’s outstanding music propelled them into the sector. The group’s ability to garner significant album sales, combined with their chart-topping songs, firmly places them among the ranks of “complete idols.”

7. IVE

IVE’s dominance in the music charts has continued into 2023. The group excels both in album sales and music chart performance, with their songs consistently seizing the top position upon release. Although LE SSERAFIM is on a similar level in terms of fandom size, Steve Choi emphasizes that IVE’s consistent ability to claim the top spot sets them apart.

Source: OK POP!!