The Female Idol Who Debuted In 4 Different Groups

Before Chaekyung settled in with April, she had debuted in three other groups as well as participated in two survival shows.

Chaekyung is currently a member of April, a group under DSP Entertainment. When DSP Entertainment announced that Chaekyung was going to be a member of April, her debut count went up to 4.

She initially debuted in DSP Entertainment’s Japanese girl group Puretty but sadly the group disbanded. After that group, Chaekyung was seen joining two music survival shows.

Although she participated in Baby KARA and Produce 101, she failed to make the cut for both and was not able to debut. After going through many ups and downs, fans are happy that she finally found a “home.”


Chaekyung first made her public appearance through her debut with Japanese girl group Puretty in 2012. The group released “Cheki Love” and “Shwa Shwa BABY” before eventually disbanding in 2014.


After finding popularity from Produce 101, Chaekyung joined the cast of Mnet‘s The God of Music 2 where they formed the project group C.I.V.A.

C.I.V.A consisted of Lee Soomin and fellow Produce 101 contestant Sohee. They released one song called “Why” and stopped promotions after that. As C.I.V.A was only a project, they had no plans to continue releasing songs in the future.


Another project group, I.B.I was formed by LOEN Entertainment. The project group contained Produce 101 contestants that were very close to the cut but failed to make it. The group consisted of her along with Han HyeriLee Suhyun, Haein, Sohee, and Chaekyung.

They debuted with the song “MOLAE MOLAE” before ending the project group.


After debuting three times and attending two survival shows, DSP Entertainment finally announced that Chaekyung would be a fixed member of April.

Chaekyung debuted for the fourth time with the group April with the song “April Story” and has been seeing a lot of success and popularity from the public.