Here Are 5 Female Idols Who Are The “Blonde Goddesses” Of SM Entertainment, According To Netizens

These gorgeous idols boast unreal visuals in blonde hair!

SM Entertainment is home to some of the most gorgeous and loved female idols, and here are 5 female idols that netizens believe absolutely crushed it as blondes!

1. Red Velvet’s Yeri

Red Velvet’s Yeri is a beauty, but fans believe that her visual is elevated on another level when she’s blonde!


Yeri’s youthful features go ridiculously well with light blonde hair!


2. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Back in 2015, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon went blonde for the first time ever, and immediately became a trending topic because of how gorgeous she looked with lighter hair!

| SM Entertainment


She has gone blonde many times more since then, and serves only visuals each time!

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

3. aespa’s Winter

aespa debuted in 2020, and as the first member to be introduced, Winter had everyone shook with her visuals in blonde hair!

| @aespa_official/Twitter
| SM Entertainment

She didn’t keep the hair for too long, but blonde Winter is remembered fondly as one of the best hair colors on her!

4. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

Another member of Girls’ Generation who absolutely kills it in blonde hair is Hyoyeon!

| @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram
| @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

Hyoyeon has been blonde for most of her 14-year long career, and everybody agrees that she may as well have been born blonde with how much she suits the color!

5. f(x)’s Krystal

While no longer signed under SM Entertainment, f(x)’s Krystal gets an honorary mention on this list because of how amazing she looked with blonde hair!


Her blonde locks from their “Red Light” era will forever remain iconic!


Source: Nate Pann