4 Female Idols Born In 2004 Who Are Being Praised For Their Visuals

They’re stunning 💕

Idols who were born in 2004 are known for being some of the youngest in the K-Pop industry, but they’ve recently been gaining attention for something else—their gorgeous visuals!

Here are 4  female idols who are shocking both fans and non-fans with their beauty.

1. Yoon (STAYC)

STAYC’s lead vocalist Yoon was born on April 14, 2004. Standing at 170 cm tall and boasting high cheekbones, it’s no wonder she’s been praised for her visuals in the past.

2. Wonyoung (IZ*ONE)

IZ*ONE’s maknae Wonyoung is famous for her beauty and model-tall height. Born on August 31, 2004, she’s already achieved a lot at such a young age!

3. Chaeyeon (Busters)

Like the rest of the girls on the list, Busters’ Chaeyeon was also born in 2004. Surprisingly, however, she isn’t the group’s maknae! Several of her members were actually born in 2005, with the youngest being a 2006-liner.

With her adorable visuals and cute hairstyle, she’s sure to make a lasting impression on many people.

4. Jihan (Weeekly)

As the lead dancer and lead vocalist of the group Weeekly, Jihan is definitely a talent to watch out for in K-Pop. Netizens have called her “freaking pretty” in the past, and they’re absolutely right!

Source: Nate