Female Idols Who Chopped Off Their Own Hair On Camera

They grabbed scissors and a camera, and cut their own hair off.

1. BoA

Back in 2015, BoA posted a clip on her Instagram, cutting her long, curly hair in front of a camera. She was having so much fun with it while she was chopping off her own hair, she even joked around while she did it.

2. Yoo In Young

In KBS‘s My Golden Life, Actress Yoo In Young showed her long, beautiful hair, but after the drama ended, she posted a clip of her cutting it off. This was her way of saying goodbye to her fictional character in the drama after leaving the show.

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3. Sulli

Sulli also chopped off her long black hair in the past. In 2016 on her Instagram account, she shared herself using a pair of scissors to cut her luscious long hair, adding that she always wanted to cut her own hair. Although she appeared to be in a hair salon, Sulli playfully cut two long snips out of her long hair, threw at the camera with a grin on her face.

4. UEE

When After School graduate UEE cut her own hair in front of a camera, it was not actually for her. It was for Cha Hye Soo, her character in MBC drama Marriage Contract. Uee managed to cut her voluptuous long wavy hair on the show, as a part of a critical scene in the drama.

When the filming started, Uee grabbed a pair of scissors in her hand, slowly cutting the pieces of her long locks in tears. What a true professional she is!

Source: Dispatch