15 Female Idols Who Look So Flawless With Bangs You Might Want To Try Them Too

A little bit of fringe is so, so good!

It’s no secret that many fans go absolutely crazy whenever an idol reveals some of their foreheads. And a glimpse of forehead can be exciting, but sometimes bangs can be just as amazing! While there are plenty more idols who have rocked the look, here are just a few female idols who look so good with bangs they may inspire you to take the plunge and try them yourself.


1. Momo (TWICE)

Fans have been in love with Momo‘s bangs ever since she decided to get the look.


And why wouldn’t they?


She looks absolutely stunning!


2. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Some people may not have been a big fan of Seulgi‘s banged look…


But there were only a very few.


And we’re pretty sure they had to have been antis because Seulgi looks fantastic with some fringe!


3. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Taeyeon‘s gone with and without bangs…


And while she’ll look fantastic with whatever style she chooses to wear…


We can’t help but love this one a lot!



Could Lisa be any cuter?


Her bangs add a little bit more to her youthfulness.


And she’s almost too adorable to handle!


5. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

Moonbyul has tried out a ton of different styles on her hair.


Each of them looks incredible on her.


But fans have a particular fondness for her with bangs.


6. Binnie (Oh My Girl)

Fans love Binnie‘s look.


They think she looks fantastic with shorter locks and some fringe.


And we can’t help but agree!


7. IU

Speaking of another idol who has received a ton of praise for her shorter style, fans can’t get enough of IU‘s visuals!


Of course, a longer hairdo looks equally as amazing.


But some bangs have become a signature that fans are totally in love with.


8. Jihyo (TWICE)

While almost all of the TWICE girls have rocked bangs, ONCEs are particularly fond of Jihyo‘s look.


It’s easy to see why…


Because she looks so beautiful!


9. Yeri (Red Velvet)

Yeri‘s wispy bangs are the style that everyone wants to try at least once.


And seeing them on Yeri definitely makes fans want to take the plunge sooner rather than later.


Seriously, she makes them look so good!


10. Eunha (GFRIEND)

Speaking of idols who pull off the wispy look, Eunha has rocked them for a while now too.


Even when she wore her hair long, she was showing some major fringe power!


And it’s easy to see why she stuck with the look because it’s just so good.


11. Cheng Xiao (Cosmic Girls)

If wispy bangs aren’t really your thing, then you might take some major inspo from Cheng Xiao.


We’re definitely jealous of her fluffy and full look.


How can she look that good?


12. Hyuna

While we’re pretty sure that Hyuna could pull off any hairstyle…


Hyuna with bangs has been giving fans heart attacks for a long time now!


And she’s proven that the look goes with pretty much any hair color too!


13. Krystal [f(x)]

If you look around the internet you’ll find pictures of Krystal with bangs even before she debuted.


While we’ve seen her without the particular look and she still looks amazing…


We all love it when she decides to cut that section of hair once more!


14. Hani (EXID)

Hani‘s locks have gone through a whole bunch of different transformations.


But fans have a particular fondness for Hani’s fringed ‘do.


It isn’t hard to see why.


15. Kyungri (9MUSES)

When Kyungri first took the plunge and got bangs, fans couldn’t believe their eyes.


They thought she looked a little bit more modest.


But let’s face it, this “modest” version is still incredibly sexy!