These Are The 10 Female Idols Netizens Chose Who Cheer Them Up After A Rough Day

Their brightness could cheer anyone up.

Whether it be for the bright smiles of their infectious bright personalities, these are the 10 female idols that netizens chose that cheer them up even when they’re tired.

1. TWICE’s Nayoung

im nayeon im nayeon1

2. IZ*ONE’s Nako

nako nako2

3. Lovelyz’s Jisoo

lovelyz jisoo lovelyz jisoo1

4. Apink’s Chorong

apink chorong apink chorong1

5. OH MY GIRL’s Arin

oh my girl arin oh my girl arin1

6. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

taeyeon2 taeyeon3

7. fromis_9’s Nakyung

nakyung nakyung1

8. Red Velvet’s Wendy

wendy wendy1

9. Cosmic Girls’ Exy

exy exy1

10. IU

iu1 iu2

Source: Pann
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