6 Female Idols Who Proudly Defy K-Pop’s Beauty Standards

These queens don’t follow the rules, they make them.

The K-Pop industry has very high and strict standards when it comes to idols’ looks, but beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. These 6 female idols are defying the “rules”, and fans love them even more for it.

1. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Traditional Korean beauty standards say that pale skin is more desirable, but idols like Jennie are living proof that beauty comes in all shades.

| W Korea

She embraces her natural skin tone…

| YG Entertainment/Facebook 

…especially in her own Instagram photos.

2. Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

In an industry where slender is better, this curvaceous queen is paving her own way.

Hwasa serves curves with confidence and style that’s inspiring her fans to embrace their own looks.

She also doesn’t shy away from outfits that show off her darker skin tone and beautiful body lines.

3. Nancy (MOMOLAND)

Nancy was born to an American father and a Korean mother. This mixed-race star proves that diversity is beautiful, and so is she!

With her curvy body type, Nancy goes against the norm in K-Pop, and she looks fantastic in everything she wears.

Between her gorgeous figure and killer fashion sense, Nancy turns the airport into her personal runway every time MOMOLAND catches a flight.

4. Eunha (GFRIEND)

Like Hwasa and Nancy, Eunha‘s figure is curvier than many of the female idols’ who grace the stage.

All bodies are beautiful. Period. Eunha proves it with her powerful legs…

…and aesthetically pleasing hourglass figure…

…every time she dances!

5. Seunghee (CLC)

Like the rest of the stars on this list, Seunghee is proud of her glamorous looks. (And why shouldn’t she be?)

Like most people, Seunghee has gone through some weight fluctuations over the years, and she has embraced her figure at every stage by wearing form-fitting outfits like this one.

Rather than hiding her curves, she emphasizes them with high waisted skirts…

…and accessories like this belt and boots combo.

6. Jihyo (TWICE)

No makeup? No problem. Some idols shy away from showing their bare face in public, but Jihyo is, quite literally, comfortable in her own skin.

By wearing light makeup or none at all, fans get a closer look at her undeniable natural beauty.