9 Female Idols Who Slayed Blonde Hair So Hard They Should’ve Been Born With It

They all look beautiful in blonde!

These female idols who had their hair colored in blonde was probably one of the best things the world has seen! The risk to color your hair a completely different color takes courage, and that’s exactly what they had when they colored their blonde!

But as expected, they looked really beautiful in blonde hair, and taking that risk turned out to be for the best. Because now, they’re leaving fans questioning why they weren’t born with it if they looked really good in it!


Rosé has had her hair colored in blonde since forever, but no one’s complaining! Many fans say she looks like an angel with it!

| roses_are_rosie/Instagram

2. Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon shocked everyone with her upgraded visuals when she colored her hair blonde! No one saw it coming, but it was a surprise that many are thankful for!

| hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

3. Dayoung (Cosmic Girls)

Dayoung previously had her hair colored blonde, and brought the look back for Cosmic Girls‘ recent comeback with “As You Wish.” Aside from the album comeback, fans were excited with the look’s comeback as well!

4. Jiho (Oh My Girl)

Jiho in blonde hair was what many fans considered as a blessing! Fans loved it so much and still fangirl over this look until now, saying how she looks like a queen and that they miss her in this hairstyle.

5. Jihyo (TWICE)

TWICE‘s Jihyo coloring her hair blonde is another look no one was expecting! This is the first time she ever colored her hair and ONCEs think that it suits her really well!

6. Jinsoul (LOONA)

LOONA‘s Jinsoul in blonde hair is a superior look that will be remembered by Orbits in their hearts forever! She absolutely crushed the hair color, but eventually had to say goodbye to it to color her hair black, which is a look that many fans have been waiting for as well!

7. Seulgi (Red velvet)

Seulgi in blonde hair is a look that many Reveluvs consider as superior! Plus, she had bangs making the look even more something that was looked forward to by fans!

8. Solar (MAMAMOO)

Solar looks like a goddess in her blonde hair! The blonde hair helped her show various sides to her, being able to transition from cute to sexy in a split of a second.

9. IU

IU looked good in blonde as she does on any normal day! She colored her hair blonde to surprise fans at her concert, and also for the second video teaser for one of her albums, Flower Bookmark 2.