8 Funniest Comments Filipino Comedian Ryan Bang Made On The “2023 Asia Artist Awards” Red Carpet

His intrusive thoughts won.

The 2023 Asia Artist Awards is here! This year’s award show was held in the Philippines. The pre-show red carpet event was hosted by Filipino-Korean comedian Ryan Bang who directed the artists with a mix of English, Korean, and Japanese.

Netizens loved his code-switching tendencies and the jokes that arose amidst this.

Check them out below!

1. Kim Seon Ho

First up, Ryan Bang couldn’t help but comment that actor Kim Seon Ho was “super handsome, wow” right after introducing him.

2. Kim Seon Ho: Favoritism

He’s such a big fan, he couldn’t help but prolong the actor’s time on the red carpet just so he could be there longer.

[Do all the hearts you want]. Take your time.

— Ryan Bang

3. The Boyz

The comedian thanked The Boyz for readily making heart poses for the camera. He ended his spiel with “Ang babait ninyo” (“You’re very kind”) in the Christmas melody that Filipinos all over recognize.

4. Sakurazaka46

Ryan’s “Filipino humor” came out when Japanese girl group Sakurazaka46 entered and left the red carpet in their school uniform-esque stage outfits.

It’s like they still have to attend class later.

— Ryan Bang

5. Stray Kids

When Stray Kids was on the red carpet, Ryan Bang’s intrusive thoughts came out yet again! He hoped that the JYP Entertainment boy group would one day visit the local television show that he hosts.

If only you’d be a guest on Showtime.

— Ryan Bang

6. NewJeans

Forget being a renowned celebrity in the Philippines, Ryan turned into a complete fanboy when NewJeans came out. He said under his breath, “Wow, I’m so happy” while they were posing.

Thank you. I’m a fan. Wow, I’m so so happy.

— Ryan Bang


He also couldn’t help but go off script once more when he spotted LAPILLUS member Chanty. The Filipino-Argentinian member grew up in the Philippines and starred in several local shows before becoming a K-Pop idol.

8. Melai

Finally, Ryan Bang’s comments towards fellow Filipino comedian Melai were gold. From saying, “Melai, why is it like there are only a few Korean press taking your photos?” to joking that she should look at her back and not right, his comedic timing was spot on!

At the end of the day, netizens agreed that Ryan Bang was the perfect choice to host the red carpet event.