Here Are The First 13 Korean Contestants On “Produce 48”

Will any of these 13 Korean contestants from Produce 48 be getting your pick?

Produce 48 revealed the details on its first 13 Korean Contestants! Check out these idol-to-be trainees from Korea’s entertainment agencies. Some are familiar faces, while some are new. Regardless, these profiles build even more anticipation for the show’s premiere in June!


1. Lee Seung Hyeon – WM Entertainment

Lee Seung Hyeon, from WM Entertainment, has been a trainee for a little over two years. Fluent in Japanese and talented in singing, she is ready to become the next K-Pop idol!


2. Lee Chae Yeon – WM Entertainment

Lee Chae Yeon initially signed with JYP Entertainment when she appeared on K Pop Star Season 3. She wowed the judges with her powerful but graceful dance moves. She then appeared on SIXTEEN but didn’t make the cut to debut. She switched to WM Entertainment and will be on Produce 48 to become the next hottest idol!


3. Cho Yeong In

Cho Yeong In, also from WM Entertainment, is a rookie trainee with 8 months experience. She used to play badminton for her school’s team, so she has an athletic slim figure that will certainly wow the viewers! With her visual and her bright personality, Cho Yeong In is already receiving support for her participation in Produce 48.


4. Yoon Hae Sol – The Music Works

Yoon Hae Sol, from the Music Works agency, has been a trainee for over 3 years now. With her strong vocal skills, and a visual that resembles the famous actress Kim Sa Rang‘s, she is bound to be noticed by the viewers!


5. Choi So Eun – The Music Works

Choi So Eun, also from the Music Works agency, is a rapper who has been in training for 10 months now. She pointed out she looks like a cross between actress Kim Ji Won and Wanna One‘s Lai Kuanlin!


6. Ko Yu Jin – Block Berry Creative

Ko Yu Jin, with Block Berry Creative agency, has beautiful eyes that will immediately charm the viewers. This idol-in-training has been honing her vocal skills for almost three years now. Could she become the next mega-hit idol?


7. Kang Hye Won – 8D Creative

Kang Hye Won from 8D Creative agency has not been in training for long, with 10 months of experience. Her piano and guitar skills, however, give her great potential to become a talented artist! This anime-lover trainee looks forward to stealing the viewers’ hearts on Produce 48.


8. Kwon Eun Bi – Woollim Entertainment

Kwon Eun Bi, from Woollim Entertainment, got a bit of spotlight already for being Red Velvet‘s Irene look-alike. She has been a trainee for over 5 years now, so she’s ready to become the next hottest K-Pop idol!


9. Kim So Hee – Woollim Entertainment

Kim So Hee, a rookie trainee with 8 months of training at Woollim Entertainment, is an athletic girl who knows how to use her sword. With her bright personality, she shows great potential to become a fantastic girl group member.


10. Kim Su Yun – Woollim Entertainment

Kim Su Yun is another rookie trainee from Woollim Entertainment. Though only with 9 months of trainee experience, Kim Su Yun is full of potential to become a superstar – with her high level of energy and funky fun personality. She promised the viewers to become their source of power to get them through the day!


11. Kim Chae Won – Woollim Entertainment

Kim Chae Won, from Woollim Entertainment, is also a rookie with a little less than a year of training. She looks forward to sharing her singing and dancing talent with the viewers of Produce 48.


12. Lee Ga Eun – PLEDIS Entertainment

After School‘s Lee Ga Eun will be on Produce 48 to start new like a trainee. She has been training with PLEDIS Entertainment for over 6 years now, including the time she promoted as a part of the group. She actually has a substantial fan base for her unique voice.


13. Huh Yun Jin – PLEDIS Entertainment

Huh Yun Jin, also from PLEDIS Entertainment, is a rookie with only 6 months of training, but she has the talent and the visual to become Korea’s next best idol! All the way from the US in pursuit of her idol career, she looks forward to making her dream come true in Korea through Produce 48!

Source: MNet