Five 3rd Generation Idols Who Focus More on Group Activities Rather Than Individual Activities

They focus more on their group rather than their solo activities.

Netizens have named these five 3rd generation K-Pop idol groups for focusing more on their group activities rather than individual activities.

1. BTS

While the boys have appeared on some shows, like how Jungkook appeared on King of Masked Singer and Jin and Jimin appeared on Hello CounselorBTS has been known for very rarely appearing on variety shows, instead choosing to focusing on their music and tours, or just creating their own show!


TWICE is quite active in variety shows, but rarely go alone. Usually, they would go as a whole group or with 2-3 members. The girls have also never ventured out into acting nor solo debuts. The most that has been done by an individual member is a solo CF.

3. NCT

NCT too rarely have one member go through variety shows alone, though member Mark has appeared on some shows alone. The boys have yet to venture into acting or solo debuts and instead have focused on NCT and their goal to be a global boy-group. For variety shows, SM Entertainment frequently releases “NCT Life” videos in which a group of boys will visit a place and experience the culture. Now, all 23 members appeared in their latest variety show, NCT World 2.0.


MONSTA X has ben focusing more on tours and their music rather than solo activities. As of now, MONSTA X is both active in the United States as well as Korea. While the boys have appeared on some variety shows, usually as 2-3 members or a whole group. Like NCT, MONSTA X released “MONSTA X-RAY”, in which the boys do numerous challenges.


From all the groups mentioned in the list, SEVENTEEN arguably has the most solo activities. Still, they focus more on their music rather than solo activities. In variety shows, 2-5 members of the show will usually appear. Many believe it’s because SEVENTEEN has so many members, it’s hard for shows to have all of them. Still, the the group has done some variety shows as a whole group. The members with the most solo activities are Jun and The8, who have active in shows in China.