5 Best TWICE Dance Breaks That Made Us Want To Dance The Night Away

We definitely love how TWICE treats us when it comes to dance breaks.

TWICE has definitely done a lot of performances in their time, so they likely know that fans don’t want to see the songs the same ole way every performance.

So to give ONCEs a nice treat, the group has decided throughout the years to add special dance breaks during special stages or performance.

And we totally love them for that!

In random order, these are our five favorite TWICE dance breaks.

1) TWICE making us say “Yes or Yes” to this killer dance break during the 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards.

2) We really thought about it TWICE after seeing this sultry dance break for “LIKE OOH-AHH” during a 2016 performance.

3) TWICE definitely make us want to dance the night away with this marching band inspired dance break that they performed during the 2019 Gayo Daejejeon.

4) We’re definitely not feeling “TT” after seeing this EDM-style dance break when on Music Bank.

5) We definitely would “knock knock” on TWICE’s door…to have them teach us the moves for this killer dance break from the 2018 Gaon Chart Music Awards.

Which dance breaks are your favorite, ONCEs?