5 Fantasy K-Pop Concepts That Look Like They Came Straight From A Fairytale

If combined, these concepts would make an epic story!

One thing that K-Pop fans often look forward to when their favorite group releases new songs are the music video concepts.

GFriend in “MAGO” music video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube  

Whether to tell a cinematic story or to showcase awesome visuals, artists often change up their concepts for each new music video.

Oh My Girl in “Nonstop” music video | 1thek/YouTube

Here are five fantasy K-Pop concepts that honestly could have been taken from a page in a fairytale storybook.

1. YooA’s “Bon Voyage”

From the whimsical music video to her glittery dresses, Oh My Girl‘s YooA looked like an ethereal forest fairy in her 2020 solo debut, “Bon Voyage”.

YooA’s “Bon Voyage” concept photo | WM Entertainment
YooA’s “Bon Voyage” comeback stage outfit | Mnet
| Dispatch

2. Orange Caramel’s “Catallena”

Breathtaking yet quirky, Orange Caramel‘s Nana, Raina, and Lizzy were glamorous as sequined mermaids (or mermaid sashimi) in disco inspired “Catallena”.

Orange Caramel in “Catallena” music video | Pledis Entertainment/YouTube

3.  GFriend’s “Apple”

With a creepy castle interior, all-black outfits, and Eunha‘s bite from a forbidden red fruit, GFriend totally brought out their dark side as alluring witches in “Apple”.

4. KINGDOM’s “Excalibur”

Clad in multiple sets of royal armor and wielding swords, KINGDOM was spectacular in their knightly King Arthur inspired 2021 debut, “Excalibur”.

KINGDOM in “Excalibur” music video | Kingdom/YouTube

5. Stray Kids’ “Wolfgang”

For their final performance on Mnet‘s Kingdom: Legendary War, the Stray Kids members donned wolf fur costumes and danced ferociously, giving off a powerful werewolf aura. Check out Felix‘s majestic howl pose atop a boulder on the stage set at the bottom!