5 Mixups ONCEs Humorously Made When First Getting Into TWICE

We’ve totally thought #3 was correct too.

We’ve all been there. Seeing a new group that we’re drawn to, and making quick judgements about who is who, what roles they fill, etc…but then realizing you had it all wrong!

ONCEs are definitely no different, and recently many reminisced about “facts” they mixed up about TWICE when first getting into the fandom.

Here are a few blunders that ONCEs have made that we found hilarious:

1) Confusing the heck out of who was who in TWICE.

It seems than when starting out, many ONCEs had a difficult time telling a few members apart – which is understandable due to the mass amount of members!

Member mixups specifically mentioned were Jihyo-Nayeon, Sana-Tzuyu, Mina-Jihyo-Sana-Dahyun (all together!), and Chaeyoung-Sana.

2) Thinking Tzuyu’s name was actually Japanese.

Due to many international fans not being able to speak Mandarin or Cantonese, trying to decipher how to saw Tzuyu’s name  is it’s own little game for ONCEs (new and old!).

Though because of this, it’s easy to get confused where Tzuyu is actually from! One reddit user made a good guess though by thinking that she might be Japanese due to thinking that the “Tz” in her name was a romanticized “Ts” that is common in Japanese words.

3) Thinking Jihyo was the oldest because leader = oldest

An easy mistake to make, new ONCEs followed the conventional K-Pop way of thinking that leader = oldest member due to Korean age culture. However, Jihyo was chosen as a leader (in part) because she had the longest training period out of the members. So she was definitely considered the most mature member to take the reigns of leader.

The oldest TWICE member is actually Nayeon, who is two years older than Jihyo.

4) Guessing who the leader was based on the amount of time on camera.

For new ONCEs, picking out the leader is a bit difficult because being the leader doesn’t always mean being “front and center.” Because of this misconception, many ONCEs though Nayeon (who is the popularity considered to be the “face” of TWICE) or Dahyun (for her loud personality and mood making tendencies) was the leader instead of Jihyo.

5) Using hair, clothes, and faces to determine member roles.

For obvious reasons, new ONCEs have difficultly recognizing members by their voices and other distinguishing features, so they fall back on “easier” identifiable objects…which doesn’t really work out since they change each comeback.

Due to using things like hair, face, and clothes to figure out who was who, ONCEs at one time didn’t realize Chaeyoung was a rapper (due to her cute face), thought that Sana did the dance break in “Likey” (it was Momo), and that Chaeyoung was Jeongyeon (due to having the same length hair/cut at one time).

What TWICE facts did you fumble when starting out, ONCEs?


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