5 Random Facts About TWICE That Might Surprise You

#3 is so interesting.

With a new year, comes new ONCEs into the TWICE fold. Due to the vast amount of content the group has, we decided to help ONCEs out with a few, fun, random facts about some of the members!

Here’s five random things that we found interesting about TWICE:

1) Sana’s fall at the bridge section in the “Like OOH-AHH” MV was not scripted and was a blooper – Sana was trying to go after Jungyeon and Tzuyu and lost her balance.

But the PDs loved it so they kept it in the final cut!

2) Mina likes the Harry Potter series and her favorite character is Hermione.

She even got the chance to dress up as her for Halloween one year!

3) Tzuyu was asked if she dreams in Korean or Chinese and she said she doesn’t know because her dreams don’t have any audible sound.

To this day, she still dreams in silence!

4) Mina’s favorite song to Karaoke is “Almost is never Enough” by Ariana Grande.

Hopefully we can get a special stage of Mina singing it in the future!

5) When she was a trainee, Chaeyoung once ate Udon under a desk and got caught. Though it wasn’t for the reason she thought!

Thinking she was caught by cctv while eating, she actually got caught bringing the udon in the building on camera.

Any more TWICE facts you ONCEs think are super interesting?


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