5 Times That TWICE Jeongyeon’s “Girl Crush” Image Totally Made Us Swoon

Jeongyeon is our girl crush gold standard!

While most of the TWICE members have been known for their girly, sweet, and cute images, member Jeongyeon has instead embraced a more “tomboyish” girl crush image.

Because that sort of image is still very rare when it comes to girl groups, we love it when Jeongyeon 100% owns it.

Here are our top five moments where Jeongyeon used her girl crush image to make us fall for her:

1) When she made sportswear sexy:

2) When she brought the 80’s back:

3) When she made us want to learn how to skateboard:


4) When she made us want to dance the night away:


5) When she went full “femme fatale”:

We love how Jeongyeon doesn’t just stick to one girl crush image and instead plays with the concept, mixing and matching things to changer her “vibe” to showcase the many sides of her. It really highlights how unique she is and how she subverts conventions to be both “girly” but also “tomboyish”.

We can’t wait to see what look she does next!