5 TWICE B-Sides That Deserve Way More Love

These songs are literally music to our ears.

While we know that TWICE is constantly feeding ONCEs content, sometimes things can get…overwhelming.

Especially when it comes to music.

We have Korean albums, Japanese albums, compilations albums, and even the occasional special single!

Whew, that’s a lot of content! So we know how easy it is for things to slip through the cracks.

So here is a list of our five favorite B-sides from TWICE’s discography:

1) “Truth” from The Story Begins

While the song was initially performed on Sixteen with a more subdued arrangement, the updated version on The Story Begins is definitely one of our favorite TWICE tracks.

The song’s arrangement is definitely the one with the most mature sound on the album – a stark contrast from the “party girl pop” sound that the other tracks embraced. We love how the song goes in an unexpected direction with a more “mellow” chorus to contrast the more playful verses.

We’re just bummed that the group has never promoted it, and with the closest being during their debut showcase in 2015.

Even just in the months since Sixteen, we’re amazed by how TWICE had improved as vocalists by the time they released The Story Begins. A definite standout track on the album, and definitely gets our stamp of approval.

2) “Pit-a-Pat” from TWICEcoaster – LANE 1

While “Jelly Jelly” was the promoted b-side during the “TT” era, We’ve always had a fondness for “Pit-a-Pat”. With a bit of a “Only You” (Miss A) vibe, this song is bouncy, poppy fun!

The song also stands out for its odd “sing-speak” like chants that litter the verses, an about change from the group’s normal style. We definitely have this song constantly on our rotation. It also gives us some J-Pop vibes as well, which is cool since it’s like a blend of both K-Pop and J-Pop music styles!

3) “Touchdown” from Page Two

Our go-to hype song during football season, “Touchdown” definitely gives up “marching band” vibes with its’ strong percussive brass tones and chant-like lyrics. Also, the handclaps littered throughout the song totally sell the sports concept. We could definitely blast this jam during our tailgate parties!

4) “Ding Dong” from TWICEtagram

Embracing the 80s musical aesthetic (with some do-wop horns thrown in), TWICE totally sells the concept in “Ding Dong.” Admittedly, the song is a bit of a grower but when it “clicks” the song is just pure throwback fun! I honestly think the “clashing” elements show that JYP is willing to experiment with TWICE’s formula to figure out how to prevent TWICE’s musical image from getting stale. There’s a total success with that idea here.

5) “I’m Gonna To Be A Star” from Page Two (and Sixteen!)

The love it or hate it song in TWICE’s discography, we’re firmly in the “love it” camp! While the song was first used as the theme song to Sixteen, it was included as a special track on Page Two.

While the lyrics might be cringey as heck, the song is just so FUN. It’s like classic JYP but in girl group form. It’s meme-tastic, silly, and has such a strong hook that the song can get stuck in your head for days.

We all want to be stars, so how could not include this song on our list?


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