5 Easy Ways To Totally Use TWICE Dance Moves In Your Everyday Life

Have you tried using any of these yet?

We all know that TWICE has very “viral”-esque choreography that can easily be replicated by fans, but have you ever thought about using those moves in your day to day life?

Well, wonder no more! These five TWICE dance moves totally can be used in everyday situations while also being a cute “signal” to other TWICE fans that you’re a ONCE!

So here’s the best ways to incorporate some TWICE moves into your life!

1) The “Yes or Yes” sand signal – “everything is okay”

While this specific move is used to signal “Yes or Yes,” that phrase sounds odd when used in normal conversation. Instead, we recommend using this hand motion to show that you’re totally okay with whatever the conversation is about. An “Okay. Okay” if you will.

2) The “TT” Emoji Dance Move –  “I’m totally bummed”

Coming full circle, this dance move was inspired by the “sad emoji” face used in smart phones. So like how it’s used in text, use this move when you’re feeling sad or things just aren’t going your way!

3) The classic “Sha Sha Sha” motion – “I’m super embarrassed/shy”

The move that started the TWICE viral sensation, this “sha sha sha” move is best used when you want to tell someone that you’re super embarrassed or shy about a situation. Though usually one “sha” should suffice!

4) The “Signal” alien antenna – “make sure to call/text me!”

Using this dance to “signal” your besties (or crush!) to let them know that you want to talk to them again ASAP. Doing both “signals” adds that extra emphasis to show how important it is for them to get a hold of you!

5) “One More Time” finger point – “I’m hungry! Please feed me!”

While likely representing a signal to a crush to kiss them in the “One More Time” music video, this specific dance move can also easily have another meaning! When someone asks you if you’re hungry, just do this move to let people know you’re ready to eat.