3 K-Pop Idol Variety Games That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

Korean variety show games provide both a quick laugh and unforgettable moments between idols!

Variety shows are some of the best ways for fans to learn more about their favorite K-Pop artists. From answering questions about their comeback to showcasing personal talents, variety shows are a staple that many groups participate in during promotions.

| Idol Room/IMDB, Weekly Idol/TMDB, Running Man/IMDB

Many variety shows have idols playing certain games with each other, often to win prizes. Some of these prizes could include a beef set, a massage chair, or even having their music video play at the end of the episode! Most of these games involve the idols working together, but some of them allow for some pretty…intimate moments. Here are 3 games that will make your fangirl or fanboy heart skip a beat.

1. The Pepero Game

Pepero is a Korean cookie stick with a round wafer stick coated in chocolate or another flavoring like strawberry or matcha. The sweet candy is used in this game by placing the Pepero stick in-between two mouths and getting as close to the center as possible. The center piece is then measured to see which pair made the smallest piece.

Lay and Sehun from EXO | KungFuPandaTao/YouTube
Shuhua and Minnie from (G)I-DLE | M2/YouTube

Check out this compilation that shows some of the best Pepero Game moments!

2. The Mouth to Mouth Game

In this game, an idol has to pick up a piece of paper with their mouth, pass it onto another player’s mouth, and go down the entire line. The goal is to get as many pieces of paper to the end before the time runs out; however, accidents happen, and the paper will sometimes fall off.

Zico and Yukwon from Block B | Mnet TV/YouTube
Ken from VIXX and Kyungri from 9MUSES | MBCkpop/YouTube

Here is a compilation video of the Mouth to Mouth game.

3. The Heart Flutter Game

In this game, a heart monitor is attached to someone. The game’s object is to increase the person’s heart rate. Doing this can be done in many ways, but when idols get touchy, do aegyo, and confess their feelings for one another, both the heart monitor-wearer and the fans watching can’t help but have their heart skip a beat.

Felix and Lee Know from Stray Kids | Stray Kids/YouTube 
Mark and Johnny from NCT 127 | NCT 127/YouTube

Watch this iconic clip of TWICE‘s MOMO, VIVIZ‘s Eunha, and Super Junior‘s Heechul playing the game back in 2016 on Weekly Idol.

These games are all in good fun and not only provide an exciting experience for fans to watch but also bring groups closer together!