Here Are All The Korean Entertainers Mentioned In Forbes’s “100 Digital Stars of Asia”

These entertainers have an amazing social media presence!

Forbes has recently put out it’s first ever list of Asia’s 100 Digital Stars and there are quite a few familiar faces on it! The magazine states that this list contains:

…100 singers, bands, and film and TV stars from across the Asia-Pacific region who have taken the digital world by storm. With their powerful social media presence, these trailblazers have garnered millions of loyal followers across popular platforms, making them as famous online as they are on stage and screen…. We’ve given special focus to celebrities who, despite cancelled physical events and activities, managed to remain active and relevant, largely by using social media to interact with their fans, raise awareness and inspire optimism. Many also used their influence to help worthy causes, especially those with a Covid-19 focus.

In no particular order (as this list was not numbered nor ranked), the celebrities mentioned are as follows:



| Forbes
  • Recent Song: “Lovesick Girls”


| Forbes
  • Recent Song: “Life Goes On”


| Forbes
  • Recent Song: (Korean) “I CAN’T STOP ME”; (Japanese) “BETTER”


| Forbes
  • Recent Song: “Obsession”

Red Velvet

| Forbes
  • Recent Song: “Psycho”


| Forbes
  • Recent Song: “HOME;RUN”




| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: (song) “eight”; (drama) Hotel del Luna


| Forbes
  • Recent Song: “pporappippam (보라빛 밤)”


| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: “FLOWER SHOWER”; (soon) “GOOD GIRL”


| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: GOT7, (solo) “Pretty Please”, (group) “Last Piece”



Lee Min Ho

| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: The King: Eternal Monarch, founding Promiz, consistently donating to charity

Bae Suzy

| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: Start-Up, (soon) Wonderland, former member of Miss A

Nam Joo Hyuk

| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: Start-Up, The School Nurse Files, (soon) Josee, first Korean brand ambassador for Dior Men

Lee Sung Kyung

| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: Dr. Romantic 2

Ji Chang Wook

| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: Backstreet Rookie, (very soon) Lovestruck in the City, (coming) Annarasumanara 

Lee Dong Wook

| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: Tale of The Nine-Tailed

Kim So Hyun

| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: The Tale of Nokdu, (coming) River Where the Moon Rises, (coming) Love Alarm 2

Park Shin Hye

| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: #AliveThe CallMemories of the Alhambra,(coming) Sisyphus: The Myth


Former K-Pop Group Members

Krystal Jung

| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: former f(x) member, “I Don’t Wanna Love You”, SearchMore Than Family, brand ambassador

Victoria Song

| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: former f(x) member, “Up to me”, Find Yourself, Love Yourself, (coming) Unfamiliar Lover, (coming) Warm and Sweet, received a national award for excellence in the Chinese TV industry

Kris Wu

| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: former EXO member, “BIG BOWL THICK NOODLE”, L.O.R.D. 2, (coming) The Golden Hairpin, endorser of many brands

Lu Han

| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: former EXO member, “Don’t bother”, Cross Fire, Light on Series: Sisyphus

Wang Yibo

| Forbes
  • Currently Known For: former UNIQ member, The UntamedMy Strange Friend, (coming) Being a Hero, “We Stay Together”, professional motorcycle racer