The Top 15 Most Powerful Korean Celebrities Of 2023, According To Forbes Korea’s “Power Celebrity” List

The list ranges from idols, actors, and athletes with unreal influence!

Like every year, global media company Forbes recently released their annual list of the most powerful Korean celebrities! As always, the results represent the landscape of the country’s celebrity hierarchy by taking into consideration achievements, social media popularity, earnings, TV appearances, and media exposure.

Check out the celebrities who made it to the Top 15 below.

15. Lee Seung Gi (Actor and Singer)

While Lee Seung Gi always gains attention for his talent and personality, the star became a hot topic during the past few months after the announcement of his marriage. After their star-studded wedding and swoon-worthy ceremony, it’s not surprising he’s made it into the top 15.

14. Kim Hee Jae (Singer)

As one of the youngest people on the list, 27-year-old Kim Hee Jae cements his power by being in the top 15 of the list. Yet, while he is known for being a trot prodigy, it is his diversity as a singer, actor, and television personality that cements his influence in Korea.

13. Kim Ji Eun (Actress)

Kim Ji Eun is the second-highest-ranking actress on the list. While being active for some time, including appearing in DAY6‘s music video, it was her role in One Dollar Lawyer that really captured the hearts of fans.

| @kj_ieun/Instagram

12. 2PM’s Lee Junho (Singer & Actor)

2PM singer and actor Lee Junho cemented his dominance in Korea once again, which allowed the star to make it into the top 15. Along with being a talented singer, with rumors of future 2PM activity, the idol continues to wow with his acting and appearances worldwide.

| @le2jh/Instagram

11. Park Eun Bin (Actress)

For many, the low rank of actress Park Eun Bin was shocking. After rising to the top through her role in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which even led her to win a daesang, Park Eun Bin is one of the most-loved actresses in Korea. It wouldn’t be surprising if her power keeps rising.

10. Young Tak (Singer)

South Korean singer Young Tak made it into the top 10 and showcased that his diverse music style has kept him a hot topic within Korea.

9. Jang Yoon Jung (Singer)

“The Queen of Trot” Jang Yoon Jung has cemented the continued popularity of the genre in Korea by making it into the top ten. After releasing her album last year, Jang Yun Jeong cemented her power and influence in Korea.

8. Jang Minho (Singer)

In 2022, singer Jang Minho was number ten on the list and has seen his fame rise equally to his place on the list. The singer rose to stardom after competing in the widely popular reality television show Mr. Trot in 2020.

7. Son Suk Ku (Actor)

Veteran actor Son Suk Ku made his way into the top ten after wowing netizens with his projects in the past year. More recently, the actor gained praise for his role in the K-Drama My Liberation Notes. Son Suk Ku continues to showcase his acting diversity, and his charming personality and handsome visuals have fans swooning.

6. Lim Young Woong (Singer)

Singer Lim Young Woong always seems to shock netizens with his unrivaled popularity in Korea. Despite the lack of music show promotions, Lim Young Woong’s chart results and demand for concerts continues to make headlines.


5. Yoo Jae Suk (TV Personality)

Unsurprisingly, television host and comedian Yoo Jae Suk has risen from ninth place to fifth place in this year’s list. Along with his charming personality and quick wit, he continues to be loved by fans. In particular, his shows continue to rise in popularity and gain attention from netizens worldwide.

4. Song Joong Ki (Actor)

After his successful projects in the past year, Song Joong Ki was already one of the hottest stars in Korea. Yet, after the announcement of his marriage to Katy Louise Saunders and that they’re expecting a baby, the actor gained even more attention. With even more projects confirmed, it isn’t surprising that Song Joong Ki is on the list.

| @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

3. BLACKPINK (Singer)

According to the outlet, BLACKPINK is the third most powerful stars in Korea. In 2022, the group made their anticipated comeback with the album BORN PINK. Aside from their comeback and successful tour, the members have showcased their influence with their own brand deals and representing the biggest brands at huge events.

| @sbskpop/Twitter

2. Son Heung Min (Athlete)

After South Korea’s historic run in the 2022 World Cup, it’s not surprising that captain Son Heung Min made it to number two on the list. The team’s recent performance gained a stark contrast in reaction from their previous attempt and saw the members as “National Heroes.” In particular, with his determination, team spirit, and talent, Son Heung Min was seen as the leader who helped guide the team to huge success.

| @hm_son7/Instagram

1. BTS (Singer)

First place once again goes to last year’s most powerful celebrity, BTS! Despite the members slowly starting their enlistment, the group has showcased their influence through solo activities, including music, variety show appearances, and tours. The fanbase seems to be growing bigger and the members are showcasing just how diverse and talented they are.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

You can have a look at last year’s results below

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