Foreigners Share Some Dilemmas They Experienced While In Korea

Koreans can sometimes be too nice to foreigners?

Every country has unique aspects of their culture in which some foreigners may not be too familiar with. A YouTube channel by the name of TAKEONE asked some foreigners to share some of the dilemmas they faced while living in Korea. Here are a few of those aspects.

1. Are Koreans too nice to foreigners?

A common problem foreigners might face in Korea is people being maybe too nice to them. This could be in a variety of situations, such as a restaurant.

It could also be when Koreans are trying too hard to start a conversation with a foreigner just so they can try to test their foreign language skills.

2. Are Koreans nosy to everything?

Koreans can tend to ask questions that can be seen as being nosy to foreigners. While some of these questions might be common for other Koreans, it can be viewed as a bit interesting for foreigners, such as asking about age.

Other questions could be things about salary or relationship status.

3. Are Koreans stereotyped against foreigners?

Some foreigners explain they’ll always be viewed as a foreigner, before being viewed as another person.

That foreigners might face the reality that no matter how long they are involved in the Korean culture, they will constantly be viewed as a foreigner.

Watch the full video below!