5 Forgotten One-Off Performances That Deserve To Be Remembered

These performances should be remembered forever.

These one-time performances are starting to be forgotten but deserve to be remembered forever because of how amazing they are.

1. ASTRO – Replay (orig. SHINee)

ASTRO’s cover of SHINee’s debut track is so powerful, especially the vocal work of Rocky.

You can watch the whole performance here:

2. Girl’s Generation and Endo Jidai – Galaxy Supernova

Girl’s Generation once performed their song “Galaxy Supernova” with famous Japanese dancer Endo Jidai and his legs arguably put the girls to shame.

You can watch his mesmerizing legs here:

3. TaeTiSeo and EXO (Chanyeol, D.O, Luhan, Sehun) – DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (orig. Usher)

This amazing performance in Tokyo has so much energy as the seven performers show incredible chemistry. Tiffany bosses the performance and hypes everyone up throughout.

You can watch the full thing here:

4. EXID – Hot Pink (Tipsy Version)

EXID’s vocals were surprisingly on-point after drinking a couple of bottles of soju.

You can watch this hilarious version here:

5. Onew (SHINee) and Luna (f(x)) – Because I’m a girl (orig. Kiss)

Luna and Onew put on what could be the cutest performance ever on Idol Star Trot Battle.

You can watch the full thing here. Warning: It will make you go “Aww”.