Former K-Pop Idol Reveals The Top 5 Worst Things She Experienced As An Idol…And Can’t Hold Back Tears

So much unfair treatment.

Way was an idol for the group Crayon Pop from 2012-2017.

She’s now a YouTuber and revealed on her channel, WayLand, some of the worst experiences she had as an idol.

#5. Less popular idols get treated unfairly

Less popular idols or idols from smaller companies get treated dramatically different when compared to idols from bigger companies. This can be anything from the type of clothes they’re allowed to wear, to the way the idols are greeted.

#4. Having to be careful about everything

It can be easy for netizens or media outlets to twist idol’s words or actions from nothing, to something. One story Way experienced was when she closed her eyes for a second, but photos were taken and people said she was sleeping on the job.

#3. Constant worry about success

Creating and debuting a K-Pop group can cost a lot of money and time for the company, so they want their groups to succeed. This could cause companies to want to overwork them, as well as taking a lot of their profits to pay off their debt.

#2. Schedules

Idols are constantly busy, so they barely get any time to catch a break and sleep. Even when they don’t have an even to go to an event, they still have to practice for hours.

#1. Getting hurt by those close to you

This could range from being scolded for no reason by managers, or people at the company. Way has multiple experiences of getting treated unfairly by people at the company that was supposed to care for the group, such as getting violence.

Here is the full video below.