Former K-Pop Idols Reveals The Top 5 Best Aspects Of Being An Idol

Number 3 has got to be so satisfying.

Being a K-Pop idol is not an easy job and it’s been well documented that there are lots of difficult things idols have to deal with. 

There are also lots of good things that can occur from being a K-Pop idol as well. Way, who is a former member of Crayon Pop, detailed on her YouTube channel (WayLand) her top 5 aspects of being a K-Pop idol.

#5. Having professionals around you

One of the best aspects of being an idol is always having professionals around you, such as styling professionals. Idols can obtain high-quality information with all these professionals around, such as learning about clothing trends early.

#4. Things that can potentially happen

If everything goes right, then being an idol can be a great job. You can potentially earn things like fame, honor, lots of fans, etc. If you get to a certain status, then you can even ask your company for breaks when needed.

#3. Making people proud

One of the more satisfying aspects that can happen when being an idol is making those around you proud. That if you successfully debut and become famous, then the people around you will become proud.

#2. Fans

Fans are truly the backbone of all K-Pop idols. They show their support for their idols and are essentially sacrificing a part of their time in order to show love to their favorite artists.

#1. Unique experiences

Being an idol could allow people to experience unique experiences that they may not have ever thought of. These experiences could be things like riding an airplane in business class, performing on various stages, traveling, etc.

Here is the full video below!