These Are The Former “Produce” Contestants Who People Believed Were Victims Of Mnet’s Evil Editing

They were victims of Mnet’s editing.

Mnet and the Produce series are infamous for their evil editing and how they portray some trainees as greedy and mean. Here are four trainees (one for each season) that were victims of this.

1. Heo Chanmi (Produce 101)

During their group evaluations, Mnet showed a scene in which Yeonjung performed the high note flawlessly for “Into The New World,” while Chanmi‘s voice cracked at the same part when she performed. They made it seem as if Chanmi was glaring as she watched her, but fans have discovered that that is not the case.

Instead, she was commenting on how good she was at singing and also apologized for her voice crack. The scene where she was glaring came from when she and her team were monitoring their performance, but it was edited to make it seem as if she was glaring at Yeonjung instead.

Chanmi made it the top 26 before being eliminated. She would then compete on MIXNINE, but would barely receive screen time.

2. Kang Dongho (Produce 101 Season 2)

During his first evaluation, the Pledis Entertainment trainees (NU’EST members) sang After School‘s “Because of You.” His voice was unstable, and Mnet edited his mistake to be replayed three times, but when they uploaded the full audition, many commented on how his mistake was so unnoticeable.

During the position evaluation, he and Jung Sewoon couldn’t agree on the arrangement for “Playing With Fire.” Mnet edited him to be pushy with his opinion, which caused many to dislike him.

Kang Dongho was eliminated in the top 13. After, he debuted with the sub-unit NU’EST W.

3. Jang Gyuri (Produce 48)

During the group evaluations, Jang Gyuri was her team’s main vocal for “Peek-a-Boo.” Her condition wasn’t right that day, and she had even rested her vocal cords the day before the performance, but her voice cracked as she performed and Mnet continued to enhance every mistake she made on stage.

Many believe she got traumatized from that experience since she was seen turning down the main vocal position in later episodes, despite how her teammates would encourage her to try it out. She was also seen talking to the trainers with her concerns, and many pointed out how there were tears in her eyes.

She was eliminated in the top 25. After the show, she resumed activities with her group fromis_9.

4. Ham Wonjin (Produce X 101)

During his time on the show, Mnet consistently portrayed Wonjin as a cry baby, which earned him the nickname as “Cry-Wonjin.”

During his “Finesse” performance, Kim Sihoon was the leader, and Mnet edited it to seem as if there was a conflict between the two and made it seem as if he was bitter that his choreography wasn’t added to the performance. But in the end, he was the one who approached Sihoon and apologized.

In the concept evaluations, his vocal cords were in bad condition, so he gave up is the main vocal position to Kang Minhee. However, Mnet showed his fighting for another part, which made him look greedy.

In the end, he was eliminated at the top 19. He is now a trainee and is expected to debut in Starship Entertainment‘s new boy group.

Source: Pann