15 Freestyle BTS Dance Moves That Anyone Can Learn

Learn how to dance from best: BTS.

If your heart says, “I want to be a dancer”, but your body says, “that’s never going to happen”, don’t worry. BTS has got you covered!

Learn how to dance freestyle, with these 15 Bangtan style moves!

1. If you can’t b-boy, you can still b-ball…

2. …and play the air drums

3. If you’re feeling footloose, try Jungkook’s shuffle n’ slide

Cue the credits!

4. “The Jedi” (Level 1)

Step 1: use the force.

5. “The Jedi” (Level 2)

Step 2: own the force.

6. “The Jedi” (Level 3)

Step 3: you are the force. Get out the way, Vader! Jedi Jin is conquering the galaxy one dance at a time.

7. The “I don’t have anywhere to put my water bottle”

It’s better than littering, right?

8. The bunny wiggle

All you need to do is put on your ears and shake your tail!

9. The “dang, my hair looks fine

Where’s the lie?

10. The dance every maknae knows innately

11. The “you’re doing great, sweetie!”

All you need is a camera, boundless enthusiasm…

…and a few chaotic “kids”.

12. The “let some air in, but not too much”

Step 1: open door. Step 2: close door. Repeat.

13. V, nailing ARMY’s unofficial choreography

Clowns unite?

14. J-Hope’s foolproof way to hype the crowd

15. The ultimate ending pose

You always want to end the dance how you started it: strong.