Get The Full College Experience With BTS’s Jin As Your Guide

Imagine going to the same school as him.

BTS’s Jin is known to have graduated from Konkuk University after being granted early admission in high school. He has experienced a bit of the college campus life, although he was busy with his schedules. Here is a virtual experience of what it would be like to go the same campus with Jin in college.

Here is Jin welcoming you to the university during orientation

He is always ready to help set up and clean up after meetings and events

He is really competitive during school tournaments

Here he is focused on his food during an after party

He also sometimes wears glasses during exam time

He dresses up for formal suit and tie events at the school

This is how he waits for us at the lobby before going to class

He knows how to get down at parties

He does like to show off his dance skills at talent shows

Although we may not know what’s going on

He is always happy when we make it to the finals in competitions

He can get stressed from studying too

But he lets it all out when hanging out with friends

He was born ready to be center stage for graduation

Despite all the struggles and hardships, he made it through to graduation!

How do you think college life would be if Jin went to the same school as you? One thing is for certain; we would not be able to focus on our studies!