Here’s A Full Recap Of All The Ideas BTS Presented For Their Next Project For “Run BTS!”

Which project are you most excited for?

In the most recent episode of Run BTS!, the members gathered together to find out what their next project would be.

Turns out, their next mission was to be PD’s (producer) and create their own content for a future episode of the show!

The members each took turns presenting their ideas, both short-term and long-term projects, to the group before voting on which project to go with.

Here is a full break down of each member’s ideas!


  • Form a seven-member team and learn a sports event (long term)
  • Psychology consultation (short term)

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  • Learn a music instrument and play a song (long term)
  • Costume party (when it’s warm and the pandemic is over)
  • Mafia game combined with role play


  • Hair designer special episode
  • BTS’s refreshing moments (=social distancing)

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  • Make a simple robot
  • Make accessories at a craft shop
  • Bigger version of the cop and thief game

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  • Maze special episode (first come, first leave)
  • Treasure hunt (Note: hike on a mountain)
  • Traditional games


  • Make a “Run BTS!” original soundtrack
  • Lucky Lucky seven special episode
  • Fan merchandise

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  • Editorial picture photo shoot
  • Filming a music video

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After voting altogether, the final choices for their projects were 777 lucky seven games (short-term) and learning how to play tennis (long term). Who’s excited for these new projects?