10+ Funniest ARMY Reactions To BTS Jungkook’s Chaotic 4+ Hour Long Live Broadcast

Were you part of the historic live?

We’ve all been wondering where BTS‘s Jungkook is…

Finally, he heard us and made his long-awaited return with a live broadcast.

Yet, he held it without permission from HYBE, and it kept going. Ultimately, Jungkook exceeded a 4-hour live broadcast on two separate platforms. V even made an appearance.

So, here are 10+ of the funniest ARMY reactions to Jungkook’s most chaotic and iconic live broadcast yet…

1. The prodigal maknae came back home!

2. What other idol spends hours talking to us?

3. With the numerous mattresses in his place, he still wants to take Bam’s bed…

4. We hope the HYBE staff and BTS management are all okay.

5. Adding “petsitter for BTS’s Jungkook” to our resume

6. The most eventful day of 2023 so far

7. Jungkook is the real puppy here. Sorry, Bam.

8. So, Bam is going to have to be the adult and go to the vet by himself.

9. It’s not a Jungkook live without “Party, party, yeah.”

10. The only time anyone should be permitted to have their phone on in the theater…

11. What a time to be alive.

12. What’s faster? Instagram or Seoul traffic?

13. What if Jungkook held a live for hours as a promo for this banger?

14. ARMYs stay winning.

15. In case you missed any of Jungkook’s live, here’s a summary: