5+ Funniest Comparisons To BTS Jungkook’s “Emo” Hair In The “Permission To Dance” MV

Can’t unsee these!

BTS recently dropped the music video for “Permission To Dance.” One detail that caught the attention of ARMYs was Jungkook’s bold hairstyle, which many hilariously described as “emo!”

Of course, ARMYs didn’t miss the opportunity to compare it to many similar memes and people. In no particular order, check out the funniest comparisons below!

1. Emoji Jungkook

If Jungkook were an emoji, he would—without a doubt—look like this.

2. Cat Jungkook

Okay, let’s be real—there is no difference!

3. Bang PD Jungkook

Bang PD is that you?

4. Rock Star Jungkook

If anyone were to successfully bring back the mid-2000s, it would be Jungkook.

5. SpongeBob Jungkook

As far as cartoons go, this one is pretty accurate!

6. Patrick Jungkook

Evil Jungkook exists in the form of this meme.

7. Danger-Era Jungkook

This is a comeback that no one expected.

8. Pre-Debut Jungkook

Somehow, Jungkook is aging backwards!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out BTS’s music video for “Permission To Dance” below.

Source: BTS