10+ Funniest Fan Reactions To Scenes In Netflix’s “Physical: 100” That You’d Totally Agree With

#10 is all of us 😂

One hundred of the fittest people in Korea are participating in Netflix‘s latest reality show, Physical: 100, and it’s already captured the attention of thousands of viewers! Although only four episodes have been released so far, fans already have a lot to say about it.

In no particular order, check out the funniest fan reactions below.

1. K-Drama Vs. Real Life Guards

2. Watching For The Plot

3. The Hot Farmer

4. From Friends To Enemies

5. Shy Muscular Men

6. Best Part Of Their Day

7. Begrudgingly Motivated

8. Most Competitive People

9. The Husband-Wife Duo

10. The Women Of The Show

11. Choo Sung Hoon’s Fan Meeting

12. Annoying Cliff Hangers

Speaking of contestants, get to know the hot farmer who recently created a buzz in the article below.

Don’t Call Him Daddy—”Physical: 100″ Hot Farmer Already Has His Own Kids

Physical: 100