Here Are 9 Of The Funniest Moments From BTS’s Karaoke Version Of ”Butter”

Can ARMY join BTS for some karaoke?

Since releasing their hit track “Butter” and in the lead-up to their 8th anniversary, BTS has been treating ARMY to several versions of their tracks. From a “Butter” special performance video and even a “lovely” version of “Dynamite,” ARMY has been spoiled.

It seems as if the members don’t have any plans to stop releasing content for their fans. The group recently released a “Karaoke” version of “Butter,” which filled fans with joy and happiness. Here are nine of the funniest moments from that video.

1. It seems as if Jimin loved his hat before the song even started.

Who could blame him?


2. Have you ever seen idols this ready to sing some karaoke?

They are definitely men on a mission.


3. Can BTS always perform with adorable hats on?

They will definitely become a new trend!


4. Who needs a microphone stand when Jimin happily took on the role.

He also managed to get the microphone back in time for his own part.


5. They’re performing “Butter” in front of butter…

BTS is definitely taking the concept literally in this video.


6. Everyone needs a “Butter” dance break in their lives.

It definitely proves that this song is the perfect dance anthem!


7. Everyone wants a part of Suga and RM’s rap!

Who can blame the members when these parts are so iconic.


8. Jungkook jumping in the background might be one of the cutest things ever.

Jungkook proves he’s a bunny by hopping!


9. The team of V and J-Hope is unbeatable with their dance moves.

They are the dance duo we all need!


Make sure to watch the whole video below!