4 Funniest Moments From BTS V’s Surprise Birthday Party That Will Make Your Day

Jin was on a roll 😂

In a recently released “BANGTAN BOMB” video, BTS held a surprise for V on his birthday.

As expected of one of K-Pop’s most entertaining groups, even a simple event like preparing a cake wasn’t without its funny moments! Check out four hilarious things that happened below!

1. When J-Hope told Jin he wasn’t putting in enough effort.

J-Hope and Jin took it upon themselves to prepare V’s cake, but J-Hope thought that Jin wasn’t doing enough. Jin, on the other hand, felt as J-Hope was actually putting in too much effort.

2. When J-Hope misspelled the word “you.”

J-Hope attempted to place candles spelling “I ❤️ YOU” on the cake, but he accidentally interchanged the letters, spelling “yuo” instead of “you”. Jin wasn’t going to let him forget it!

Do you seriously not know how to spell ‘you’? I’m so disappointed!

— Jin

J-Hope laughed and apologized, quickly fixing his mistake.

3. When Jin joked that his arms were going to fall off.

Jin was tasked with holding the cake and delivering it straight to V.

Hilariously, he kept pressing V to blow the candles because his arms were going to fall off, and he blamed it on his age!

4. When Jin brought up his present for V.

Last but not the least, Jin told V to “use his present well”…

…to which V revealed that Jin gave him money. Although Jin clarified that it was just an allowance, it was likely still a sizeable amount!

Based on V’s expression alone, it’s obvious he liked the gift very much.

Watch all the fun happen in the full video below!



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