10 Of The Funniest Moments From PENTAGON’s “Prison Interview” Video

Who did you think was the funniest?

Recently, PENTAGON appeared on an episode of 1theK‘s “Prison Interview,” and it was absolutely hilarious!

| @CUBE_PTG/Twitter

The goal of the game is to find the 15 notes hidden around the set. Each note has a mission, either for a specific member or for the group as a whole, and they have to try and complete all of them as quickly as possible. PENTAGON quickly found all the notes, coming in 3rd place overall and making us laugh the whole time! Here are some of the moments we found the funniest.

1. Hongseok’s baby giraffe walk.

2. Yan An’s reaction to the bomb balloon game.

3. Yeo One’s multilingual birthday song.

4. Kino cutely dancing along to Wooseok’s aegyo.

5. Wooseok yelling at the camera because he kept getting penalized.

6. Wooseok hitting the lie detector because he didn’t like the result given.

7. Shinwon spreading rumours that Wooseok wants to be more fit than Hongseok.

8. Yuto and Shinwon deciding to lift the couch to find the other notes.

9. Yuto cutting for a “commercial break” without revealing who he thinks is the most handsome member.

10. Shinwon’s modelling debut.

Last but not least, we have Shinwon strutting his stuff!

Source: YouTube